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current body shape...your fitness level...
or your chances of living a long and happy life...

"Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets Revealed"

Finally - Discover "Hollywood Jungle" Survival Secrets - How YOU Can Survive And Thrive By Staying Fit & Healthy Without Sacrificing The Food & Lifestyle You Love

Why is a hollywood actor writing about this? Because, I want everyone to live a healthy, active life. It is my goal to stop obesity and help every man, woman, and child live a better life.

From: Gary Hudson
Hollywood, CA
Thursday, 10:02AM

Dear Friend,

You can eat and lose weight, when you know how.
Perhaps you think it's B.S. and that's okay . . . however, a wise person investigates what fools take for granted. The fact you are still reading shows me you are a wise person and ready to lose your unwanted pounds and get healthy . . . because after all, YOU only have one body and it's worth looking after . . . isn't it?

Before you read any further . . . I have 3 crucial questions for you to answer. If YOU answer 'YES' to any of the following questions . . .  then this page contains some of the most important information YOU will ever read - PERIOD!

1. Have YOU dieted in the past, sure, you've lost some weight...and it's come right back again like a boomerang?

2. Have YOU ever started an exercise program, knowing even then, it would be near impossible for you to stay motivated or even find the time to keep working out?

3. Do YOU have to endure those mid-afternoon energy crashes, the only fix being a soda or candy?

If so, then I can guarantee you, this page is one of the most vital pages you ever visited. So please, read everything here and act on my advice. If you don't agree, then feel free to leave this page forever. However, you owe it to yourself to find out exactly how a famous Hollywood actor can help bring out a sexy new YOU...

Because I've got some news for you, which goes against almost everything you've ever heard about losing weight...

Diets Do Not Work!

Hey, if diets really worked, there would be just one. Yet as soon as one hits the bookstore shelves, there's another one right on its heels. The South Beach Diet, the cabbage soup diet, low carb diets, the Beverly Hills diet, the list goes on.

One diet guru after fancy exercise device after another...if you've tried all these things and failed, you're not alone. If this sounds like you, fear not...

It's Not YOUR Fault . . .

They all sound great on the TV ads, everything adds up on paper, however even the best of them can only offer very short-term results. The diet industry feeds off the cycle of "try-fail, try-fail, try-fail". Without it, they couldn't come out with the next over-hyped miracle breakthrough to sell you on a payment plan.

And as you've probably already realized, those 'health shakes' and protein bars aren't the answer either. I know when I've tried them, I'm always still hungry afterwards, despite their claims!

Did you know one of those canned diet shakes has nearly as much sugar as a can of cola? It's nearly as bad! And those bars are loaded with sugar or carbs. Barely better than eating a candy bar.

Look. Obesity rates in America have skyrocketed over the last 20 years, even with all the diets which have claimed to be the next "miracle breakthrough".

However, I don't want you to lose hope here. I mean, I do have the answer for you, right here and now, and it's so important, so life-changing, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Because once you've read the information
on this page and you've acted on its
advice, you'll feel better right away

You'll be able to picture yourself enjoying the compliments of amazed friends, co-workers, family members, who have seen you try one diet after another...see yourself slimmed down, wearing figure-fitting clothes...imagine yourself feeling so vibrant, so full of energy, you will love walking to the store instead of driving, even taking the stairs rather than the elevator.

So, why is it so important for you to think about this now?

Understand this: It's a jungle out there. I know it's saying which is often thrown around, however, especially in Hollywood, it's more true now than at any time in America's history.

Street crime, pollution, fast food joints on every corner, it's as if the country itself is trying to shorten our lives.

Yet at the same time, scientists are telling our lifespans are getting longer. And this is true - but only for those of us who look after our bodies.

So how do we know who to trust?

It's like the story of 2 friends I know. These two guys, friends of mine, their lives ran along very similar paths. They both went to school and college together, both studied law, and have practiced law ever since. They both got married, had children, and I had the pleasure of catching up with these two at a recent party.

However, the difference between the two men was startling. One was fit and healthy, no star athlete, but no slouch either. He regaled us all night with tales of his adventures, holidays, good times and bad. He had energy to burn and was just plain fun to be around.

However, I found the second man at the buffet table, piling his plate up high with fatty foods. I could see right away he was overweight. He didn't have the same 'pep' as my other friend, he was more interested in the deep fried delights being served than anything else.

The difference between the two men, I discovered as we sat and talked. It turns out, the first man was keen on keeping fit and eating healthy. Sure, he still enjoyed the foods he loved but his motto was "Moderation".

My other friend, of course, was the complete opposite. He could name the special offer of any fast food chain advertising on TV. He spent most of our time together telling me about his favorite all-you-can-eat restaurants, and he simply didn't look healthy.

By the end of the night I had guessed he had placed his trust
in what to eat, in any fast food restaurant running TV ads.

For most of us, family members are our most trusted sources of information, and for me it was my grandmother, who lived to the ripe old age of 95!

Picture it:
High up in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. My grandmother was able to keep herself fit enough to walk every day, run a business, as well as look after my grandfather. And in honor of her memory . . . I'd like to share with you one of the secrets to healthy living she shared with me:

"You put a bunch of garbage
in your gas tank . . . your car will eventually
give out . . . same goes for your body"

In fact, she inspired me so much, helped me in such an enormous way, I decided to put together her near-infinite wisdom on the subject, as well as the latest scientific data into my brand new book . . . however before I do . . . I want to share with you as to why I am passionate about helping you.

As an actor for 30 years and an acting coach for 15 years, I have always been a keen observer of life . . . for as long as I can remember.

Why do I tell you this?

Well, by virtue of what I do, in order to be good and honest and truthful in my work, I have spent my life, paying attention not just to the world around me but also my opinions, my joy, my pain…etc. It’s been a life of self-examination. 

My purpose with this book is to share what I have learned, and hopefully provide some “practical” ways for you to better yourself… To get healthy in body-mind and spirit…lose some weight along the way… and keep it off in the process.

Lets Face it . . . We All Love To Eat
But There's No Need to Compete With The
'Klumps' at an All
YOU Can Eat Buffet!

I grew up in the south, and in the south . . . eating is a national pastime where we knew about Super Size Me decades before the documentary . . . yes, Americans can eat just about anyone under the table!

We also have become, especially here in North America, a fast food culture. It’s pretty scary.

We collectively, have developed some very bad habits around the way we eat, and our association with food.

Only recently, I was sitting at home on a Sunday morning, surfing the TV when I stumbled across a TV show which was titled . . .

Extreme Pigouts!

As I sat there watching this show . . . it was so gross, it made my stomach a little upset as I watched my fellow American's stuffing themselves to the point of being sick. The show highlighted the 10 most extreme pigout places to eat at in North America.

One restaurant, aptly called 'The Heart Attack Grill' proudly has food such as; Quadruple burgers, the double bypass burger, the triple bypass burger and even a quadruple bypass burger plus their 'Flatliner Fries' are cooked in lard and are 'all you can stuff into your mouth'!

They love their unhealthy hedonism and the worst part is . . . if you happened to weigh a whopping 350 lbs you eat for FREE for Life . . . what's left of it that is!

This show literally made me sick, and watching it further fueled my desire to help you lose weight, become healthier and live much longer . . .

77 Million American's Are FAT!

Sad yet true, 37% of American are obese, fat, overweight . . . you name it, we are a country obsessed with eating ourselves to death. That's 77 Million people!!!

This compared to 12 percent in France, Germany, and England.

Forty percent, of that 37 percent, of obese Americans are attempting to lose weight. This compared to 64 percent in France, 68 percent in  Great Britain, and 69 percent in Germany…

Something to think about.
I remember the first time I went to Europe in my mid-twenties. The first thing I noticed was how much thinner the majority of people in Europe were.  I just didn’t see a lot of overweight people in my travels overseas compared to home.

I have since been back to Europe many times, and feel it’s a culmination of many things that “Make them Slim”. They walk a lot for one.  European cities just seem to be made for walking. They’re more compact. Americans drive…everywhere...It seems to be ingrained in us. Our cars are a second home in a sense. In LA if it’s over a block…we drive.

The stress level seems less in Europe also… It’s more about the quality of life…rather than what you do and the car you own. Not that there is anything wrong with a nice car and “stuff”. I just want you enjoying it for a long healthy life!

Europeans eat a lot of vegetables . . .

 . . . Fresh vegetables full of nutrients and water. In Europe, their produce is smaller and tastier too. I suspect it’s because they don’t use all those wonderful chemicals that make ours so big and shiny…Hmmmmm?

Chickens in America look like German Shepherds compared to chickens in Europe. Ever wonder why? It's because of all of the chemicals and hormones which get pumped into them . . . that's one of the reasons why.

Also, in Europe . . . their portions are smaller.There is no valid excuse to stuff yourself until you reach the point where your stomach feels like it may explode.

I was guilty of that too many years ago until my Grandma yanked me by my left ear at the age of 33 and said . . .

"Sonny. . . If You Don't Stop Eating Haagen Das Your Butt Won't Fit Through The Barn Door"

After an accident which required surgery, I began eating some pretty unhealthy food. Especially Haagen Das.

I love Haagen Das, and it was hard for me to drive by a store and not justify a scoop of Vanilla and Swiss Almond Chocolate. I paid the rent on that Ice cream store in Westwood Ca. I’m not kidding. It seemed as if a mysterious magnet pulled my car towards the place whenever I passed, which was a daily occurrence…It was hard to avoid. 

God forbid if I received bad news from an audition; my girlfriend and I were having an argument, or worse breaking up.

Oh my God… I immediately dashed in for a double scoop, and for a few moments…I felt better. I did!

The problem was, before the surgery, I was very active and fit. It was a long recovery, and even though I bounced back to doing something’s within six months, it was a couple of years of hard rehab before full recuperation.

After my surgery my diet stayed the same for a while. I ate as usual, as if I was “active Gary”, and in no time at all I went from a 32-33 waist, which I had been since 10th grade, to a “35-36” waist, and from 180lbs to 200lbs.

Needless to say I wasn’t happy about it and neither was my Grandma, and she told me so in no uncertain terms.

That’s when I really started studying my eating habits, the choices I was making, and more importantly the associations I had developed around food as well as life in general for that matter.

Wow…we do crazy things around food when we’re upset!

How about you?

Thank God I changed that a long time ago. These are a few things I’ve noticed, things we are going to consider as we start to think about . . .

"Hollywood Secrets To Getting Fit"

Once you get "Hollywood Secrets To Getting Fit", you will finally realize that all of the diet information, all those infomercials, all the propaganda, it's all designed to confuse you into buying the next 'breakthrough' product, instead of creating any lasting results.

As I'm sure you appreciate, the simple things in life are often the best, and this is certainly one of those cases. You'll discover:

  • YOU do NOT have to give up the foods you love...this 'cold turkey' style of diet is why it's so damned hard to stick to a diet for more than a few days

  • Why virtually ALL diets are a complete waste of time and how YOU can lose weight without trying to survive on lettuce leaves and diet shakes

  • 12 quick and easy meal solutions to help you lose weight...notice these are SOLUTIONS...not 'recipes' won't have to learn how to cook complicated, time-consuming dishes every day

  • And these solutions include burgers and desserts - You will NOT be forced to give these things up cold turkey

  • What makes you reach for food whenever you're sad, angry, etc? And how YOU can eliminate this habit forever, quickly and easily

  • Why skipping meals will actually cause you to put on weight! I'll show you how YOU can eat MORE than 3 meals per day and still get to the body shape you want!

  • One 'secret', yet well known substance, which is instantly and freely available to anyone, which is crucial to YOU not feeling hungry all the time. Most of us ignore this substance, yet it's going to make the world of difference to your results

  • A deceptively simple trick you can use anytime you feel like reaching for a candy bar or a soda...this is how YOU can stop eating too much of the wrong thing without needing cast-iron-strong willpower

  • How to recognize the warning signals your body gives you that your system isn't running as efficiently as it should

  • An easy way you can get fit and still watch TV in the evenings like you always have

  • A straightforward, easy to do exercise program which won't stress your body out, or take up much time in your day. It's fun, and it works

  • Discover the 6 Secrets Which Make European's slimmer and how you can copy how they do it!

  • REVEALED: The 4 WARNING Signals your body gives you that help you avoid putting on weight, or getting sick or injured

  • Discover why YOU should NEVER stop stretching . . .

  • 3 Critical questions to ask yourself before you take a bite of any food to know if you should eat it or not

  • EXPOSED: The 'Food Triggers' which make you reach for the refrigerator late at night and eat

  • REVEALED: The BIG 4 reasons why you can't stop eating or putting on those unwanted pounds and how to avoid them

  • How to have that 'little self talk' with yourself before you eat something you know you shouldn't

  • THE 2 actions YOU must do as soon as YOU wake up in the morning and BEFORE you get out of bed. Do these and you will be well on your way to a slimmer, fitter and healthier YOU

  • The #1 secret to staying injury free

  • How to spend just 10-15 minutes each morning doing simple exercises which will start sculpting your body into the shape you desire

  • Discover why it's important to listen your body to avoid injuries. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt and ignoring your body could end in disaster for you causing you to put on more weight, hurt yourself and undo all of the good work you have done so far

  • EXPOSED: Discover why your brain has been programmed to go to sweets and fast food
  • How to reprogram your brain to automatically crave foods which are good for you such as watermelon, grapes and other foods which provide fuel for your body.

  • REVEALED: Gary's own personal Hollywood Training Secrets which he does when on a film set . . . these will only take you 15-30 minutes to do, depending on what condition you are in. You can do these from home or anywhere without the need of a gym membership!

    If you have ever wondered how many of the Hollywood stars look so good . . . then look no further because you are about to find out for yourself!

  • and much, much more!
"Grandma Hudson's Health Secrets" is going to hand YOU the answers you've been looking for, whether you need to make a change right away, or if it's just that last few pounds which are always tough to shift.

Now, you have within your grasp enough life-changing material to get you to your body shape goals quicker and easier than with any diet or exercise program you've ever tried. I personally value this material at $197.00, very conservatively.

So What's Your Investment Going to Be?

You see, my grandmother wasn't greedy. She never aimed to get rich and retire early with the boarding house, her passion inspired her to make it as affordable as possible for those who needed her services.

Besides, she would probably give me a good whack 'round the ears' if she was here and found me overcharging for this stuff. So I've set the purchase price for the entire $416.95 package at just $37.

And it's not really a cost at all, if you use the tools and information. Look, if you feel more energetic, more vibrant, couldn't you get a raise at work sooner or later? Even the smallest raise would easily wipe out the entire purchase price. Or, if you run a business, or if you're in sales, would you make an extra $50 in sales, (and then some) just by being more awake, fitter and livelier?


Heck, even if you refuse to consider money in this equation, isn't a better life for you and your loved ones worth a few measly dollars?

Click Here To Order

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Supersize Me Version:
'Hollywood Secrets to Getting Fit'

Unlike a supersized fast food meal which does you more harm than good . . . my 'supersize me' version of Fifty And Beyond Health Secrets is for you when you truly do want to get results fast.

You will receive everything already detailed above plus . . .

Hollywood Health Secrets Workout Videos
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When you claim your 'Supersize Me' version, you will get online access to my personal workout videos . . . the very same workouts I do when on set filming a movie. These simple, daily videos take no more than 20  minutes and you can do them from the comfort of your own home without any need for expensive equipment. 

This Supersize Me Option for Fifty And Beyond Health Secrets will allow you to go far beyond your wildest dreams . . . for just $57

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Besides, you literally have ZERO risk...

Gary Hudson's 100% Risk-Free

Money Back

Back in the Golden Age Of Hollywood, one of my favorite eras, a person's reputation was only as good as their word, and I have no good reason to want to change this, so I'm happy to stand behind the proven results of this product, and if you find it doesn't work for you, then I would feel ashamed to keep your money.

This is why I'm offering YOU a full, 100% money back guarantee, which is good for 60 days, so if you're at all unhappy with your investment, then simply ask for your prompt and courteous refund.

You'll have our phone number, fax number, mailing address and email, so you won't have any trouble getting through to us, although virtually all our buyers are overjoyed with the product, as you can plainly see. Still, you're completely covered by your 100% risk-free money back guarantee!

OK, the ball's in your court. I've said my piece, now it's your turn. If you want to hit a 'double fault', then go about your day without another thought for your body shape, your health, your lifestyle.

But if you want to smash an 'Ace' past your weight problems, then click the button below to go through our secure shopping cart, you'll have instant access to all the materials and tools I've spoken about, and you can head off down the path to a sexy new you.


Gary Hudson
Gary Hudson
- Hollywood Actor

P.S. If you're over 50, then these Hollywood Jungle Survival Skills will help keep you fit & healthy & feeling awesome wherever you are in the country, while still eating the foods you love

P.P.S. If you're under 50, don't wait and think it'll be easy when you get older - it just gets harder to lose weight with each passing year!

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